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MR-100 Venturi Burner

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Price: $110.00
Manufacturer: GACO
Part No: MR-100

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Orifice Type:

Ceramic Kiln Gas Burner MR-100 SOLDOUT

The MR-100 is an affordable and compact Venturi burner suitable for high fire kilns, furnaces, or Raku kilns It features flame retention within a one piece design. The MR-100 is larger than the MR750. It produces 94,000 BTUs on propane at low pressure on 11" water column, and 90,675 BTUs with natural gas . Be aware that these BTU figures are based on set orifice sizes provided by the manufacturer. Firing at 1psi. or above will change these figures dramatically.
Please select one of the above ORIFICE choices
  • MR-100 with Blank Orifice (You will drill your own)
  • MR-100 with #28 Drill for NG (Natural Gas)
  • MR-100 with #38 Drill for LP (Liquid Propane)
Base of the burner has a 1/2" male brass fitting.

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