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Rigidizer - Gallon or Quart

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Part No: RF-458

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Rigidizer is acolloidal silica inorganic liquid hardener, has a temperature grade rating of 1260°C (2300°F). It is generally used to increase the durability and surface erosion resistance of Inswool/Kaowool/Fiberfrax blanket, module, and board products. 

 Kaowool (Inswool) Rigidizer is stabilized against freezing during exposure to cold; however, freezing should be avoided. 
If you live in a freeze area do not order this during winter months. Clay Planet will not be held responsible if it freezes.

-Sets with strong, hard film and develops ceramic bond above 1600°F (871°C)
-Can be used for spray, dip, or brush applications over fiber blanket, boards, or modules to impart extra strength
-To verify depth of penetration of the rigidizer product, a food grade dye can be added to give color to the rigidizer. This will not harm material or the rigidizer.

• Increases surface hardness and resistance to erosion
• Easily applied by brushing or spraying
• Freeze resistant Applications
• Surface coating for Kaowool (inswool)ceramic fiber blanket exposed to high velocity gases
• Adhesive for use in making composites and laminates
• Surface treatment for Kaowool (inswool) vacuum formed shapes to increase surface hardness

Physical Properties:
Color clear
Solid content, % silica (approx) 28 - 29
Weight per gallon, lb (kg) (approx) 10 (4.5)
Nominal density, (wet), pcf (kg/m3) (approx) 75 (1202)
Maximum temperature rating, °F (°C) 2300 (1260)
Freezing temperature, °F (°C) 28 (-2)
Viscosity, centipoises @ 25°C 4
Specific gravity @ 25°C 1.203
pH 9.7

Kaowool (inswool) Rigidizer must be protected from freezing. Normal shelf life is twelve months in unopened containers that have been properly stored.

Installation Information
  • Kaowool (inswool) Rigidizer is applied by brushing, dipping, rolling, and spraying. Suitable respiratory protection and ventilation are required when applied by spraying.
  • Materials to be rigidized should be free of all grease and oil.
  • Kaowool (inswool) Rigidizer receives its bonding action from the removal of physical water. Bonding may be accelerated by heating or over drying. Curing is a function of the size of the shape and its geometry.
  • An application rate of one gallon per 25 square feet (7.6 m2) of ceramic fiber surface will render a hard surface without completely rigidizing the interior of the ceramic fiber body.

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