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Skutt Envirovent 2 Kiln Vent

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MSRP: $745.00
Price: $679.00
You Save: $66.00
Manufacturer: Skutt
Part No: Envirovent-2

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The EnviroVent 2 is a Downdraft Ventilation System designed to extract fumes from your electric kiln and vent them outdoors before they have a chance to enter the room. Because it is a DownDraft Ventilation System the EnviroVent 2 also improves the firing atmosphere in the kiln while it is protecting you from the odorous fumes that can be emitted from certain clay bodies and glazes when they are fired.  

If you have a Skutt rolling kiln stand and want to add an vent, please check the box above to add the rolling stand adaptor. Or it can be ordered separately.

Here's How It Works
A designated number of holes are drilled in the lid and floor of the kiln either in the factory or on location. A spring loaded plenum cup (see diagram) is placed under the kiln and tensioned between the floor of the kiln and the floor under the kiln. The holes in the floor of the kiln are drilled in a tight pattern so the plenum cup can cover them all. The other end of the cup is connected by 3" ducting to a fan which is generally mounted on the wall. On the opposite end of the fan the air is ducted through the wall to the outside air. The plenum cup has 3 additional holes from which it draws room temperature air to mix with the heated air from the kiln. This serves 2 purposes. Since the kiln air is mixed with cooler room air the air coming out of the end of the vent is never hotter than an average hair dryer. Secondly, the holes in the plenum cup are sized to reduce the vacuum on the kiln chamber so only a small amount of air is moving through the kiln. This ensures the firing time is not affected and the ware is not at risk.
Better Heat Uniformity
Most people are aware of the fact that heat rises. The EnviroVent 2 helps compensate for this rising heat by creating a flow of air moving back down the kiln chamber. As the air moves in a downward direction it is also deflected by ware and shelves causing turbulence. This turbulence helps move heat to cooler areas of the kiln like the center.

Better Kiln Atmosphere
When you are firing in an electric kiln you are firing in an Oxidation atmosphere. The EnviroVent 2 helps bring in more oxygen and flush out fumes which can form a reduction atmosphere. A reduction atmosphere can be desirable in a gas or wood fired kiln however it only causes problems in an electric kiln. Your elements will last longer, your glazes will be clearer and brighter and you will help prevent glazes migrating between pieces.

Better Working Environment

Prior to the introduction of venting systems it was still necessary to vent the kiln. This was done by propping the lid open with a wedge of brick until the kiln reached 1000°F (538 °C). Not only was this inconvenient, it also radiated the fumes right into the room.

A Better Vent
A new benefit of the EnviroVent 2 is that it is now a Negative Pressure System. This means that since the motor is pulling the air instead of pushing the air, if there is ever a hole in the ducting the fumes will not escape into the room. Also since the motor is now mounted away.

Certified safe
The Envirovent 2 is the only vent UL and c-UL listed to be used with Skutt Kilns.

Motor: 120 volt - 1.4 amps
Heat exiting blower: 160° F maximum
Static pressure: distances greater than 60 ft: Use 4 inch ducting
Blower: 140 cfm

Now you can vent 2 Kilns with one vent. The new 140 CFM Motor allows you to vent 2 kilns up to 12 Cubic Feet each, or one kiln between 12 and 24 Cubic Feet, with one Envirovent 2 Motor.

The new design is wall mounted. This moves the vent motor away from under the kiln so the motor is no longer exposed to the heat and can no longer transfer any vibration into the kiln.

As your kiln heats up the brick expands. When it expands the hot face of the kiln floor, the inside, expands more than the cold face or underside. This causes the slab to cup, or become slightly concave on the bottom. The result is that the center of the kiln floor moves upward at higher temperatures. The spring loaded cup follows the floor ensuring at tight seal throughout the firing process.

Since the vent is wall mounted it pulls the air through the duct work instead of pushing it. This means if you were to ever form a leak in your duct work the fumes would not be pushed into the room.

Now with the purchase of the new Skutt EnviroLink you can control exactly when the Envirovent 2 turns on and off during a fi ring on a GlassMaster or KilnMaster kiln.

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